Best parking for a Nashville Haunted House

When you’re deciding which Nashville Haunted House to go to this season, choose the one that has the best parking. Sure, there are some that are close to downtown, but if you want to park your car is some dingy alley way and hope that some homeless guy doesn’t come by and snag your stereo, by all means, help yourself.

We offer parking in front of the Haunted House so there’s no need to worry about having to walk 3 miles to get in line. Getting to our haunted house is EASY. Just hop over the river from downtown, take the first right, your second left, and BOOM, you’re here. Why worry about all the hassle of finding a parking spot when you can be downtown without the fuss?

Best parking for a Nashville Haunted House

Best Parking for Nashville Haunted HouseIf you don’t find the directions above helpful, here is another link that will help you find out how to get here. 

If you’re planning on coming out, you will probably want to get a discount. Keep an eye out for our flyers. Our street team will be going around town giving them out. Each pass is $1 off admission at the front gate, so you’ll be saving a little cash while we scare your ass.

We understand you have a choice when choosing a Nashville haunted house and we strive to make each and every experience a great one. This season, do yourself a favor and pick the best Nashville Haunted House, Devils Dungeon!

We’re also going to be offering food trucks this season. Check back in a week or so once we’ve figure out which ones will be there. Looking forward to scaring the crap out of you and making you toss up whatever you happen to purchase from one of the food trucks while you’re in line!

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