The devil at starbucks.

What the devil gets at Starbucks.

Haunted House Nashville, TN

The screams, the chainsaws, the thud, the crisp bite in the air…that’s right, it’s haunted house time in Nashville and we’re ready to go! Men, grab your woman. Ladies, get your guy. Drive over to Devil’s Dungeon and have a GREAT halloween date this year. See if your man will stand up tough to the […]

Haunted Houses in Nashville

We’re just weeks away from launching a benchmark season for Haunted Houses in Nashville. Last year we were thrilled with the turn out, and this year will be bigger, scarier, and have more haunting action that might make you wet your pants. This year, we’ll be launching something not seen often in haunted houses in […]

Haunted Houses in NashvilleHaunted houses in Nashville share a lot of traits. They tend to have good characters, well lit scenes, and a few other characteristics they share. What set’s Devil’s Dungeon apart from the other Haunted Houses in Nashville is an approach to the haunted house that the others don’t share. We see a […]

When you’re deciding which Nashville Haunted House to go to this season, choose the one that has the best parking. Sure, there are some that are close to downtown, but if you want to park your car is some dingy alley way and hope that some homeless guy doesn’t come by and snag your stereo, […]

In years past, Nashville Haunted Houses have attempted to simulate 3D experiences. This year, we’ve taken that attempt to a whole new level with Chromadepth 3D. A portion of our haunted house will be devoted to a 3D experience that will trick your eyes into thinking that what you see is in your face. You’ll […]

Nashville Haunted house

The stage is set for another frightening halloween. We’re almost done with the buildout for this year. This is sure to be Nashville’s best haunted house season. We’re looking for some new faces this year. Make sure and check out our new 3D section. That’s right, we’re the only Nashville Haunted House that will tingle […]

If you didn’t know we are facebook, you’ve been under a rock. That being said, I think they are making rocks with WiFi now, so maybe you’re under something else. We’re working hard to make this the best haunted house in Nashville, and a big part of that is your interaction. We are constantly asking […]

A few years ago, we made a video behind the scenes of some people walking through the Haunted House. Take a look and see if you think you dare do the same!

Scary places in Nashville

You’ve found it. Devil’s Dungeon is Nashville’s scariest haunted house and we take pride in working hard to create an experience that will shock and amaze you and your friends. Bring your girlfriend, your boyfriend, anyone that you want to see scream at the top of their lungs and run in fear from the horrors […]