Haunted House Nashville, TN

The screams, the chainsaws, the thud, the crisp bite in the air…that’s right, it’s haunted house time in Nashville and we’re ready to go! Men, grab your woman. Ladies, get your guy. Drive over to Devil’s Dungeon and have a GREAT halloween date this year. See if your man will stand up tough to the horrors that lay beneath these walls. Will they hide behind you and run when they get scared? Only one way to find out. Guys, get a chance to walk around in the dark holding your ladies hand. You probably found this by googling Haunted House Nashville and that’s exactly what you’ve found!

Haunted House Nashville, TN

Haunted House Nashville, TNHaunted houses make the best dates, and this haunted house in Nashville brings more to the table than other haunted houses in Nashville. We’ve got food trucks to fill your belly, live music to listen to while you wait, and load of offers to let you save a few bucks when you get here.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what happens when you’re here. So let’s go through some of the scenes…oh wait, I won’t get anything away. So instead, let’s look at what we have to offer. Over 20,000 square feet of haunted house. Over 30┬áseparate┬áscenes. Too many actors to count. The ability to upgrade your ticket to a VIP ticket that gets you to the front of the line, quick!

Other haunted houses in Nashville offer some of these things…but nobody else does it quite like we do.

So plan a special night with us and take your special lady friend of special man friend out on a date that they’ll remember! We hope you can make it to this haunted house in nashville over some of the other ones. But if you do decide to go to another one, that’s ok. Cause when you come to ours, you’ll appreciate how hard we’ve worked to scare the crap out of you!

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