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Haunted Houses in Nashville

Haunted Houses in NashvilleHaunted houses in Nashville share a lot of traits. They tend to have good characters, well lit scenes, and a few other characteristics they share. What set’s Devil’s Dungeon apart from the other Haunted Houses in Nashville is an approach to the haunted house that the others don’t share. We see a haunted house like a story.

Haunted Houses in Nashville

Each scene is a chapter in a story that will take you through a horrifying tale terror and screams. Beyond just being scary, we incorporate the scenes into overall theme and overlying story.

As you might guess, this isn’t just something that happens. It requires months of planning and building that keeps us hard at work throughout the year testing out different ideas and studying new techniques that make your experience one that will keep you on your toes. We also try and get your feedback. A lot of the time, throughout the year, we’ll ask our facebook audience questions about what they saw in other Haunted Houses in Nashville that they really liked and we do our best to incorporate them into ours.

Another thing we do that is different than other Haunted Houses in Nashville is our cast. We have GREAT actors that come back year after year. Dedication to this might seem silly, but we have actors that have worked with us for over a decade. The actors truly enjoy showing up to work each night and build a commitment to their work. With this, that extra effort is evident in how well they do their job. The commitment begins in early august with casting and takes up quite a bit of time for each actor.

Come see for yourself, we feel confident that we have the best actors than any of the other Haunted Houses in Nashville.

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