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Nashville Haunted House | 3D ExperienceIn years past, Nashville Haunted Houses have attempted to simulate 3D experiences. This year, we’ve taken that attempt to a whole new level with Chromadepth 3D. A portion of our haunted house will be devoted to a 3D experience that will trick your eyes into thinking that what you see is in your face. You’ll see a room that will disorient you into not knowing how close or far away thins are from you. It’s Nashville’s FIRST true 3D Haunted House and we’re damn proud of how it’s turned out.

When you go through line this year, you’ll be handed a pair of special 3D glasses to wear through a specific portion of the haunted house. When you reach the section of the haunted house that has the 3D effects, you’ll be notified to put on the glasses. At this point, your brain will begin to play tricks on you. You won’t have any idea how close or far something is away from you.

Nashville Haunted House offering the only TRUE 3D experience!

We’re not pulling your leg. Nashville Haunted houses have tried this before. They just shine a light on something and call it 3D. We’ve actually used special techniques that require specific paints, black lights, and special 3D glasses. When you look through the glasses, you truly don’t understand what you’re seeing! Here is a good explanation of what you’ll see.

When you pick a nashville haunted house, pick the one that will scare you on every level!

Keep an eye out for our street team this season. They will be passing out flyers to get a discount at the gate. Each flyer is redeemable for $1 off the ticket price. We’ll send our guys out downtown on Friday nights with the flyers. When you see them, just grab a flyer then bring your butt across the river!

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